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When I started in September 2007, the process of manufacturing a skateboard was a closely guarded secret.

Back then there were only three or four video's from legitimate businesses on You Tube documenting the process.

Today however, manufacturers seem to be letting their guard down. That's not to say that companies are freely giving out information on the web. But they are giving out more tours and televised specials. Which eventually find their way to the tube.

And that's where this page comes into play. I have collected most of the video's on the subject and placed them here.

The video's contain some useful information, like the How it's Made and DSM video clips. They give you a closer look at heat transfer graphics. Then there's the Element clip. Which has a shot of the nose to tail silk screen print frame in action. The same screen print frame I modeled the one on this site after.

The Powell video's, part I & part II cover standard deck manufacturing and touch on wheels as well. As does the Skate One's video (Powell).

Then there's the Churchill Private Label. Which takes the attention to detail and a focus on the technical aspect to a new level, showing some of what is possible in skateboard design and construction.

The video clip from Drifter Skateboard Manufacturing is the latest of the bunch, giving you a tour of their facility located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hopefully these video's will give you that extra push to start making your own decks.


Current Video's

♠   Drifter
♠   How it's Made
♠   Rekiem
♠   A Third Foot
♠   PS Stix
♠   Element (PS Stix)


♠   Powell - Part I
♠   Powell - Part II
♠   Skate One (Powell)
♠   Churchill Private Label
♠   Jart
♠   Thirteen


The Basics

Most large skateboard deck manufacturers make decks by using hydraulic presses, glue machines, drill presses, sanders, heat transfer machines, paint shops and more to churn out thousands of decks a day.

PS Stix Employee Shaping the Deck

It all starts by hand selecting 7 layers of veneer and coating each with a special glue. They are stacked and then placed in a skateboard mold within the hydraulic press.

The veneer is left in the press for a predetermined amount of time to allow the glue time to cure or dry (set up). Once the glue has cured, these blank decks are removed and sent to the woodshop to be shaped and sanded smooth.

Next, the holes for the skateboard trucks are drilled and the board is sent to the paint shop where the deck gets a coat of sealant. Once the sealant is dry, the graphics are applied via silk screen, heat transfer or good, old fashioned spray paint.

Last, the clear coat is sprayed on protecting the deck with a smooth shiny finish.

Below are a bunch of video's showing this in much more detail.

Drifter Skateboards

The most recent video showing how Drifter Skateboard Manufacturing, a skateboarder owned and operated company, located in Atlanta, Georgia does it.

I haven't had a chance to ride one of their decks yet but their owner, Ryan Taylor, claims that he makes decks as if he were making them for himself. And that, in my opinion, is how you end up with a top quality product.

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How it's Made

How it's Made on the Science Channel explaining skateboard production from start to finish.

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Rekiem skateboards show their method.

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A Third Foot

A video from a small company called A Third Foot explaining the process.

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PS Stix

A quick clip from Paul Schmidt of PS Stix.

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Element (PS Stix)

An insiders view of the Element Skateboard Factory (PS Stix).

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Powell Skateboards - Part I (Decks)

Part I of a tour of the Powell Factory on John Ratzenberger's "Made in America".

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Powell Skateboards - Part II (Wheels)

Part II of a tour of the Powell Factory on John Ratzenberger's "Made in America".

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Skate One - (Powell)

Another tour of the Powell factory which also includes the wheels.

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Churchill Private Label

An inside look at Troy Churchill's skateboard deck manufacturing.

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Jart Skateboards

Another clip, this one from a European magazine.

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Thirteen Skateboards

Last, this clip is from Boardpass TV.

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If you know of one I missed, please contact me.

I add video's as they become available, so come back often.

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