Skateboard Glue

Skateboard Glue


The glues used in the production of skateboards are different than a regular hardware store wood glue. Although you can use some glues found at your local hardware store... more on that below.

Skateboard veneer glues must meet certain criteria such as strength, drying time and the ability to hold its shape when removed from the skateboard mold.

Skateboard glues used by major manufacturers are a non-toxic waterbased glue called polyvinyl assembly adhesives.

These PVA's are a two part glue which are mixed with a catalyst.

A catalyst is an additive mixed with the skateboard glues that speeds up the drying time.

However, some of these catalysts are toxic and even though there are very small amounts found in a finished skateboard deck, this makes recyling an impossibility. All used decks will find themselves in a landfill creating additional headaches for the years to come.

If you have a used or broken skateboard deck, please don't throw them away, send them to me...
I re-cycle them for art projects which also keep them out of landfills.

Contact me if you would like to know where to send your old skateboard decks.

Modern skateboard glue

Recycle Your Skateboards!There is a solution though and it comes in the form of recently developed skateboard glues which have a non-toxic catalyst premixed. Saving both the time and effort involved in getting the mixture right and allowing the skateboard decks to be recycled.

These glues are called crosslinking polyvinyl adhesives and are more commonly known as Multibond Sk8 and PC-2365 brand names.

These adhesives have all of the characteristics sought after by top deck manufacturers and are environmentally friendly as well.

Where to get skateboard glue

Below are a list of online companies which will sell you skateboard glue. However, as I've recently discovered, Titebond III woodworking glue will do a pretty good job as a skateboard veneer glue.

It's made by the same manufacture that makes Multibond Sk8 (Franklin International) and has similar properties in that they're both waterproof and very strong.

Skateboard glue can also be obtained by contacting these companies...

♠   Franklin Adhesives

♠   National Casein


Each company above has a minimum order quantity, although Franklin Adhesives should be able to direct you to a local distributor with a smaller minimum order quantity and price.

At the time of this writing, offers both the glue and veneer.

Feel free to experiment though, you just might find a glue that is the next best skateboard glue.

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