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How to make a grind box/ledge
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Approximate Cost: $100
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Materials needed
♠   1 - 4×8, 3/4" plywood
♠   8 - 2×4's, 8' long
♠   1 - 1lb box of 1 5/8" screws
♠   1 - 1lb box of 2 1/2" screws
♠   1 - 2×2, 1/4" angle iron
Tools needed
♠   Tape Measure & Pencil
♠   Circular or jig saw
♠   Drill w/ philips bit
♠   Assorted drill bits
♠   Combination Square

How to make a Skateboard Grind Ledge

A skateboard grind ledge is easy to build and doesn't take much wood. The this grind ledge is 8' long, 2' wide and a 1' tall.

As with all structures here on DIYskate, you can build this grind ledge any size you want. However, for the material list to be accurate you will need to follow the plans as listed below.

Where to get your Supplies

The wood and hardware can be found at most home improvement stores. Sometimes you can find the steel there as well, I know my local Home Depot carries the coping and threshold material.

If not, you can search the internet for steel fabricators or salvage steel. Personally, I've begun buying my steel from because of their very quick shipping and good prices. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just like them and their product.

If this ramp is going to stay outside, it needs to be protected from the elements. A good place to start is with pressure treated lumber, paint and a tarp. You may want to invest in a composite material for the surface too. Such as Skate Lite or Ramp Armor.

Be extra careful when working with treated lumber though, the chemicals used to treat the wood contain a poisonous pesticide.

Framing the bottom

Gather your materials. Start with the 2×4's. Cut twelve pieces at 1'-9 in length (you will get four out of each 8' long 2×4). Set them aside. Cut six pieces at 1'-0, these determine the height of the grind ledge. Below is a cut list referencing what else you will need and it's size.

Material Cut List
Qty.       Type   Size
4     2×4   8'-0
12     2×4   1'-9
6     2×4   1'-0
Qty.       Type   Size
1     3/4" Ply   1'-0 3/4 × 8'-0
1     3/4" Ply   2'-0 × 8'-0
Qty.       Type   Size
1     2×2×1/4" Angle   8'-0

Framing the Bottom

Now build the bottom of the box to look like this below.

Framing the Bottom

You will use the last two 2×4's at 8'-0 for the sides and three of the 1'-9 pieces for the framing. The one in the middle is centered.

You should pre-drill the screw locations near the ends with a 1/16" drill bit to keep them from splitting.

Framing the Top

Framing the Bottom

Build the top of the grind ledge to look like this. Using two of the uncut 2×4's for the sides and nine of the 1'-9 pieces placed every 1'-0 on center as shown. If your trying to make the box lighter, you can use only five of the 1'-9 long pieces here. Just remember, these are what hold the top up. If you plan on skating the crap out of this box, nine might be a better option.

Attaching the Sides

Attaching the Sides

Attach the six pieces that are 1'-0 in length to the bottom of the box like shown here. Put four screws in each piece, two through each side.

Attaching the top

Attaching Top

Place the top on the newly attached sides. This is much easier if you flip the bottom over or lay it on its side. Put four screws in each just like the bottom. Make sure the ledge is square. If you don't the box will rock on the ground like a wobbly table.

Attaching the Plywood


You're done framing the box. Now you want to attach the plywood as shown in the picture. Cut the top layer 2'-0 wide and the side plywood at 1-0 3/4". If you changed the height of the box, just cut the side plywood 3/4" taller than your box so you can cover the top sheet of plywood.

Attaching the Coping

Place the angle iron on the edge of box like shown. Drill a 3/16" hole on each end on both sides where shown. The top and bottom dimensions are offset so the screws won't hit each other. On a box this length you need to place a couple more screws about 2'-6 apart on each side.

Attaching the Coping

Once drilled, countersink each by using the 3/8" drill bit to drill down just enough so the screw heads are flush with the coping. This will keep your trucks and board from hitting them when you grind or slide.

Skate it

Finished Grind Ledge

Congratulations, you have just finished building a solid skateboard grind ledge that will last. Give it some paint and stickers then it's time to get your backside smiths on lock, or frontside in my case.

Nick's how to video on the grind ledge

A huge thanks goes out to Nick, a very helpful reader, who contacted me the other day and told me that he made a how to video for this ledge. This video is extremely well done and a is a great addition to this tutorial. So take a look and see what you think, it should definitely help you out.

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