Fingerboard Mold

DIYskate resin mold.

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I can not give these away free, NO EXCEPTIONS

$60 - Shipping Included.

While supplies last.

  DIYskate Fingerboard Mold!

$60.00 - Sold Out


Shirts T-Shirts!

100% pre-shrunk cotton

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If I get another batch printed, I will be sure to order many more small and medium sizes.

$9 - Shipping Included.

Please email me prior to purchase to confirm I have your size.

One of a dozen colors will be choosen at random.

While supplies last.

  DIYskate Shirts!

$9.00 - Sold Out


Stickers stickers!

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Printed by Contagious Graphics.

Want some stickers?

Just send two bucks or...

Submit a picture of something you've made from and your address and the stickers are FREE.

Send Pictures Here!

You can still send in pictures and I will try to send out stickers when I get more in.

  DIYskate Stickers!

$2.00 - Sold Out


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